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from Marc Futterman Mirman

Hi Endre,

We were at Mirman for the service for Mrs. Mirman on Saturday 1.29.10 and heard you play Bach. Thank you so much. It was moving and gorgeous. It took my breath away and left my wife and I in tears of joy. Our son Jake now attends Mirman and we are so happy and confident in his education. It is wonderful to see the lineage of quality that has emerged from this amazing school. Thank you again for your leadership and the beauty of the music you play. Previous Response:
from Endre Balogh
on January 30, 2011
 Dear Marc,
Thanks so much for your very kind comments. I'm so glad you and your wife enjoyed my Bach performance yesterday. Mrs. Mirman was such a special person that it is very sad to have her leave our Earthly plane but I'm sure she is reaping her many well-deserved rewards in her Heavenly Home. There is no better school than Mirman and I feel proud and blessed to have been able to be so well-educated there. You are certainly doing the very best for your son, Jake by sending him there.
Thanks, again, for writing me.

All best wishes,


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