The Question:
from Debbie Smith Photos, and performance

Endre, I was so delighted to hear the outdoor concert the other night. I'll never forget you playing the Bach Partita on your Stradivarius, from memory, in the dark. The venue was limited, and the audience meager, but you played brilliantly, and more importantly, from the heart. You are a true master.
I've been viewing your gallery today, and am just amazed at your talent. Your photos are exquisite. Along with the ones of your violin, my favorite is the one of your father and daughter playing chess. I will be ordering some of your work in the future. I turn 60 on Sept. 23, so plan to buy a copy of your morning glory photo. To me, it's an image of myself, blooming in the dark, having survived cancer and a heart transplant. Thank you for gracing the world with your gifts.



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