Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

What impresses us most about Endre's photography is that it possesses the same attention to detail and mastery he brings to his violin. With music, Endre's pitch is so perfect that he can jettison that as a concern, and focus instead on nuance, expression, and shading; bringing to life exquisite musical phrases and lines, enthralling audiences with his virtuosity. We find that much of what Endre brings to his music is also brought to his photography. Because his eye for framing and composition, like his ear for pitch, is exemplar nonpareil, he can turn his attentions fully to the areas of photography which separate the mere professional from the true artist; a painterly use of light and an inexplicable ability to imbue his canvas with emotion and meaning. We invite you to look deeply into these images, these photographs. Put them under the same scrutiny you might a beautiful painting, and we think the rewards will be the same. - Craig and Judith Pettigrew -